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Simple Ways to Transform Every Room In Your Home

Simple Ways to Transform Every Room In Your Home

Many of us have become used to spending most of our time at home. Naturally, after being in one place for so long, you might feel like you need a change of pace! 

Well, you don’t have to travel to feel like you’re in a new place. You can transform your space in no time by making just a few small changes in the way you decorate your home.  

Read on to discover affordable ways to freshen up your space, room-by-room! 


Let’s start with the most important room: the bedroom!

With sleeping, relaxing, and getting ready, you’ll likely spend about 40% of your time at home there. Make sure it's your favorite space to recharge. 

An easy and inexpensive way to rekindle your love for your bedroom space is to add throw pillows.

You’ll be surprised at how effective treating yourself to plush pillows that suit your personality will change a room! 

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Introducing a pop of color, an interesting shape, or a graphic print on a throw pillow can make the whole space feel new again. 

Entryways & Living Rooms

Living rooms and entryways are the main areas for welcoming family and friends. It should welcome guests, feel cozy, and also be a refuge for you when you’re home alone. 

Besides choosing furniture wisely, creating a space to put finishing touches like baskets, plants, small sculptures, or whatever you’re into, greatly improves the warmth of your living room space. 

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It gives guests an opportunity to spark conversation and better understand who you are, your interests, and your personality. 

Children’s Rooms

In the past, creating themes for children’s rooms based on gender have been very popular. However, decorating a nursery or room can be difficult as a child’s interests can change as they grow up. 

We suggest creating a space that can grow with the child in your life. 

Temporary wall decorations that feature mystical unicorn creatures, zoo animals, or fairy lights provide that without the time-consuming commitment of painting.  

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Even in small bathrooms, creating a gallery or statement wall can instantly transform an area. Something as simple as painting it a different color might be enough pizazz for you!

There’s a variety of things you can do to create a statement wall that suits your style. You can opt for filling it with special tiles, wall decals, artwork, or antique frames from a thrift store.  

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Kitchen & Dining Room

Remodeling a kitchen is a huge task that shouldn’t be taken lightly! However, there are a few things that you can do to spruce up the place in the meanwhile to make it appear more cohesive and luxurious without hiring a contractor. 

Decorate according to a theme or color, but resist the temptation to have everything match.  

For example, if you’re going for a Farmhouse theme, mixing different items like artificial florals, baskets, and minimalist kitchenware work seamlessly together. 

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Playing with elements like scale and texture will prevent your home from looking like it came straight out of a generic catalog, and closer to looking like a show home in Architectural Digest. 

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