FREE Shipping on ALL Orders Until August 1st!

FREE Shipping on ALL Orders Until August 1st!

How To Know When Your Well Stocked Order Will Arrive

How To Know When Your Well Stocked Order Will Arrive

At Well Stocked, we’re happy to get you great deals on home decor! Now that you've ordered, what comes next?

We know that you’re excited to receive your items, so we want to keep you in the loop. Here’s how to find out when your Well Stocked order will arrive. 

Where’s my order?

Your order will go from confirmed, to fulfilled, to in transit, to delivered. There are 3 easy ways to check your order status. 

1. Check via your account

You can easily track the status of your orders when you create a free Well Stocked accountYour account dashboard will give you a complete overview of every order you've made. 

2. Check on the Well Stocked website

To find your order status using your tracking number or order number and email:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the “Track Order Status” page located at the bottom of each page, or click here 
  • Step 2: Input the tracking number (only the numbers after the # symbol) provided to you in from the shipping confirmation email OR input your order number and email address information 
  • Step 3: Review the status of your order 
     Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

    Please note that not all items ship from the same warehouse or location. Your order may arrive in multiple packages. You’ll receive separate shipment emails with estimated delivery times.

    Tip: If you ordered multiple items, we recommend tracking your order using your order number and email address. This will provide you with tracking information for all of the items you ordered, even if they have shipped separately. 

    3. Check using your confirmation email

    To find your order status via your confirmation email:

    • Step 1: Find the order confirmation email from Well Stocked in your inbox
    • Step 2: Click “View Order Status”
      Step 1 Step 2 


      The “View Order Status” button will link you to a "Confirmation" page where you can sign up to receive real-time updates through SMS, Aftership, or the Shop app. 

      What if I cannot find my order number or tracking number?

      This information is always provided in your order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails. 

      Alternatively, you can create a free account (or log in if you are an existing member) to check the status of all your orders. 

      If you no longer have access to the confirmation and shipping emails, or your account, please email our customer service team ( and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

      How soon can I expect my package with regular shipping?

      It’s our goal to ensure that you receive the best quality home goods at the most affordable prices as soon as possible, which is why we currently offer FREE shipping for all items.

      You can expect your package to arrive between 3-6 weeks after the order has been processed, though 95% of orders arrive within 1 month. 

      If your purchase was sent with expedited shipping, you may receive it sooner than that.

      Please note that shipping delays outside of our control may happen. Holidays, extreme weather conditions, customs, and carrier breakdowns can affect delivery dates.  

      What is expedited shipping?

      Items that qualify for expedited shipping come from suppliers based in the United States, which is why you can expect your order within 2 weeks (after the order has been processed). That’s 7-14 days faster than regular shipping!  

      You can discover items that qualify for expedited shipping at

      How can I check which shipping method my order was sent with?

      Either regular or expedited shipment options will be applied to your order, at no cost to you. 

      Check before purchasing

      There are a few ways to check which shipping method will be applied to your order before purchasing:

      • On the "Product" page (the image indicates items are shipped via expedited shipping)

      • On the “Shipping” page before to checkout (the image indicates items are shipped via expedited shipping)

      Check after purchasing

      After purchasing, you can check shipping method by reviewing:

      • Order information within your "Account Details" (the image below indicates items were shipped via regular shipping)

      • Order information within your confirmation email (the image below indicates items were shipped via regular shipping)

      If your order included multiple different items, it’s possible that you will receive items at different times because they may ship separately. Items shipped via expedited shipping will arrive sooner. 

      Can I pay for faster shipping?

      We’re proud to offer free shipping for EVERY order! However, because we source the best, affordable home goods items from around the world, not every item can be shipped quickly. 

      If you’re looking to receive your items faster, shop the collection that we’ve identified as available for express/expedited delivery here.

      What if I want to make changes to my order? 

      We may be able to help you make changes to an order, depending on its status. Contact us via email at to see if we are able to help you adjust your order. 

      Can I cancel my order if it’s taking too long?

      Once an item has been fulfilled, we cannot make changes to your order or offer exchanges. 

      You can review our return policy here.  

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