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On Trend: 7 Affordable Boho Chic Items for Your Space

On Trend: 7 Affordable Boho Chic Items for Your Space

Boho Chic is all the rage in today’s interior design circles and there’s no surprise why. The trend combines the most visually impactful aspects of both Bohemian color and modern, natural elements to create an eclectic look all its own.

The style is easy to replicate with any collection of art and other worldly items, which leaves ample room for personal flair. Texture, color, and pattern will be the all-stars in your Boho Chic decor toolkit, and combine to form balanced spaces that reflect a global lifestyle. From Boho Chic bedding to wall decor & lighting, there’s plenty of options for any type of room in your desired space.

If you’re looking to upgrade your space to reflect this trend for 2021, here’s our favorite affordable Boho Chic pieces:


 1. These Handmade Bohemian Macrame Table Pads


Price: $6.99 | Shop Now - Well Stocked

Add warmth and texture to any space with these handmade braided table pads. Made of real cotton and styled with cut tassels, these pieces are the perfect size for all table and shelf arrangements.

The braided pads shine as bases for candles, vases, and more and give any decor a more “finished” look. They can also easily serve as a coaster set for guest’s drinks when you purchase more than one. In any Boho Chic interior, these handmade braided pads are sure to draw attention.


2. This Superstar Bohemian Duvet Set 

Price: On SALE from $30.99 | Shop Now - Well Stocked

Add worldly flair and sweet comfort to your space at the same time with this centerpiece duvet set. The duvet features ethereal, global patterns in bright colors across the fabric for the added life and energy your bedroom craves.

This duvet also comes with either one or two matching pillows (depending on bed size) to ensure that your bed looks as impressive as it feels come bedtime. Sleep in the luxury of global patterns and dream of travel every night!


3. These Glass Propagation Orbs and Wood Stand


Price: On SALE from $15.99  | Shop Now - Well Stocked

Set up a garden space anywhere in your home and cultivate your own mini tropical paradise. This glass propagation orbs will hold your favorite plant cuttings as they grow on their own to full size.

The included stylish wood stand raises the orbs for display and sunlight - giving them the real love and nurturing care they deserve. Place your propagation stand somewhere bright and airy for a display that’s sure to bring life and fresh air into your space.


4. This Natural, 20-Piece Authentic Pampas Bunch Set


Price: On SALE at $24.99 | Shop Now

Bring the best of desertscape style to your decor by displaying pampas grass in a prominent position. These fluffy reeds add texture and intrigue to any space or event aesthetic, and are prominently featured in 2021 wedding decor.

Arrange the pampas grass and flare it outward to add natural drama, or place in a glass vase or basket casually for that Boho Chic “living off the land” look. However you arrange it - these reeds are versatile and ready to star in your decor.


5. This Desert Cactus Style Cat Scratching Post


Price: $42.99 | Shop Now

Bring one of the world’s most iconic plant silhouettes indoors and create your cat’s new happy place - disguised as decor. Wrapped in green sisal rope for longevity and ready to entice play with a hanging ball, this Boho Chic cat scratching post was made to captivate your cat or kitten for hours.

The cactus scratching post celebrates the bright colors and structure of a desert cactus while allowing your favorite feline a designated space for scratching. Save your furniture and keep your Boho Chic style at the same time!


6. These Boho Macrame Hanging Dreamcatchers


Price: $9.49 | Shop Now

Intricately crafted and ready to impress, these dreamcatchers are designed to capture the bad dreams of anyone who sleeps alongside them. Each piece is woven using cotton braiding techniques and finished with hanging tassels and braided segments for decor.

Enjoy the natural texture of cotton and add a dreamy flair to your Boho Chic space. Though they're sold without the lights pictured, add any type of fairy lights for an even more magical appeal.


7. This Moroccan Pattern Kitchen & Bathroom Mat


Price: On SALE from $11.99 | Shop Now

Celebrate Moroccan-inspired patterns and color in your kitchen or bathroom with this intricate non-slip mat. The gold and turquoise tiles featured prominently in the printed pattern create visual interest in any space and are reminiscent of classic Moroccan shapes and architecture.

With Boho Chic style’s focus on global elements, this bath mat is sure to bring aesthetic charm and padded luxury to all who cross it.

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