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6 Kid-friendly Pools, Tools, and Accessories Your Family Will Love This Summer

6 Kid-friendly Pools, Tools, and Accessories Your Family Will Love This Summer

Summer activities like going to the pool or the waterpark can get pretty pricey if it’s one of your kids’ favorite pastimes.   

Instead of paying big bucks for day passes, why not create a kid-friendly paradise in your own backyard that they can enjoy every day? It’ll eliminate summer boredom and save you time driving, packing, and guarding beach chairs at crowded pools. 

Read on to discover the 6 pools, tools, and accessories that your family will love this summer! 

Kiddie Pools

Enjoy the dog days of summer, no chlorinated pools necessary! These kid-friendly wading pools are a must-have for casual splashing. It’ll keep the risk of flooding your garden to a minimum, while keeping fun at a maximum.

Place it in the backyard and watch your kids enjoy while you barbecue, garden, or sunbathe.  

1) Intex Swimming Pool With Canopy

Intex 5ft x 48in Inflatable Ocean Scene Swimming Pool With Canopy, $59.99 on Well Stocked

This Intex pool with a canopy inflates in minutes to give your kids the opportunity to enjoy a pool that’s all their own! It measures 5 ft long and also features 48 inch high side walls to keep water at a safe level. 

During the hottest and sunniest parts of the day, the canopy protects kids from direct sunlight and sunburn. On cooler days, or for more visibility, the canopy can be removed by tugging gently on the velcro that connects it to the pool. 

2) Intex Ocean Play Center

Intex Inflatable Ocean Play Center Kids Backyard Kiddie Pool, $99.99 on Well Stocked

The Intex Inflatable Ocean Play Center is perfect for outdoor patios, backyards, or even balconies. It doesn’t require tons of water, which means kids can enjoy it sooner than a full pool. 

If you’re looking for a pool that has something for every kid, this one is it! It provides hours of fun and is large enough to allow multiple kids to play together. It features an all-in-one tropical design with an attached wading area, a slide, inflatable toys, all-around sprinklers, and a ring toss activity. Whew!

3) Intex Dinosaur Play Center

Intex Dinosaur Play Center Inflatable Kids Set Swimming Pool, $69.99 on Well Stocked

Like the Intex Inflatable Ocean Play Center, this Dinosaur Play Center is designed for multiple kids. 

It features a prehistoric desert design with a removable slide, a dinosaur ball toss game, and a waterfall. It can hold a bit more water than the Ocean Play Center, which makes this one ideal for older kids and rowdier splashing.

Outdoor Tools

This one’s for city dweller families and outdoorsy types alike! 

If you live in an apartment with no outdoor space, these outdoor tools are convenient for days out picnicking, camping, or relaxing lakeside. 

4) Summer Days Pop Up Tent

Summer Days Pop Up Beach Shade Picnic Tent, $29.99 on Well Stocked

At 56” long, 28.4” in width, and 23.6” tall, this incredibly lightweight and portable tent is the perfect size for a single adult, child, or an adult and infant. 

Next time you’re at a sporting event, the park, or beachfront, you’ll definitely wish you had this packed with you. It offers shaded shelter from the sun, wind, dirt, and dust. Best of all, it can be set up or packed away in less than a minute! No wires to attach, poles to put together, or ropes to tie. 

Pool Accessories

Whether you’re enjoying a lazy river float or swimming, these accessories are built for fun in the sun. 

5) Baby Float with Sunshade

Baby Sitting Pool Floatie Raft with Shade, $24.99 on Well Stocked

If cruising is more your speed, this Pool Floatie with Shade is ideal for infants and toddlers who don’t know how to swim yet. It features a wheel, horn, and baby seat for a fully sensory experience. And, with a 360 degree inflatable inner tube, it keeps hands, shoulders, and heads above water at all times. 

Unlike a regular pool floatie or swimmer wings that most children use, this one features a fully retractable sunshade canopy to protect your little one from harmful UV rays. 

Now, you can let your little one explore the entire surface of the pool to their heart’s content. This will help them build confidence, support their development, and might even have them ready for nap time after!

6) Swimline UFO Float with Squirt Gun

Swimline Inflatable UFO Chair Pool Float with Squirt Gun, $29.99 on Well Stocked

If the kids in your life are a little older but still love lounging in the pool, this interactive UFO pool float is usually the first to be called “dibs” on. 

It comfortably seats 1 person (ages 4+) and features a built-in squirt gun with a constant supply of water for easy use. It’s made from high-quality vinyl that resists fading, scratching, and tearing. And, with an inflatable back and armrest, it’s built for out-of-this-world comfort! 

The Takeaway

With all of the pools, tools, and accessories above, you’re totally ready to take on the hottest days of summer, in and out of the water! 

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