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Key Ways to Feature Plants in Your Home Decor

Key Ways to Feature Plants in Your Home Decor

The pandemic is nearing an end and all we can think about is getting outside! With spring weather opening up the skies and warming temperatures, interior design trends have found a new star - plants!

Plants are the cornerstone of 2021 home inspo, whether potted and display on a shelf, planted safely in your garden, or arranged neatly in your favorite vase. There are ways to display plants in every room of your house to add life and texture to your space. And for those that lack a green thumb? Faux plants are now totally not faux-pas!

We've sorted out the core themes that will help you add plant life to your space, so you can easily shop for your spring paradise!


Unique Potted Plants

Pots aren't just a container for dirt - they're certified art! From ceramic shapes to modern metal and glass, there's a wide variety of pot shapes and sizes ready to hold your favorite plant. Consider adding potted plants alongside other arranged knick-knacks on shelves and displaying them centrally on tables or countertops for emphasis.

Abstract Human Figure Plant Pots

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Faux Plants + Stems

If you're someone who want to set an arrangement and leave it untouched for a year - we've got great news. Artificial plants in home design are absolutely acceptable and honestly, encouraged! Keep your home looking fresh year-round without cleaning dead blooms or scrubbing old vases. Your home will looker brighter than ever.

Perfect Size Artificial Potted Bonsai Pine Tree

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Plant Theme Textiles + Decor

While you're decorating your spaces with leaves, succulents, and grasses, don't forget to carry the lively spirit into your textiles and decor! Floral and plant motifs are also the perfect companion in patterns and art, where their natural elements pair with fabric like a match made in spring heaven.

Lush Tropical Palms Duvet Set

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