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Easy DIY: How to make a wedding bouquet with artificial flowers

Easy DIY: How to make a wedding bouquet with artificial flowers

When I got married, I made my wedding bouquet with artificial flowers! And I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Years ago, when I was a young bride, I had absolutely no budget to splurge on preserving a bouquet of fresh flowers. Suffice to say, I had to be picky about how to spend the modest amount of money I’d saved. Plus, it was more important to me to have the people I loved by our side than fresh lavender flown in from the South of France.

Still, I didn’t want to compromise on my wedding bouquet. So when I had my perfect, whirlwind courthouse ceremony, I chose to make a custom wedding bouquet with artificial flowers that I knew I’d be able to keep on display for years to come. 

If you’re like me and want to preserve the magic of your wedding day without breaking the bank, here’s how you can make your own wedding bouquet with artificial flowers. 

What you’ll need for your artificial flower bouquet

I only paid $12 to get everything I needed to make my wedding bouquet from the dollar store. 

  • Foral tape
  • Artificial flowers (I used a combination of white hydrangeas, violet chrysanthemums, and eucalyptus, but you can choose what you like)
  • Transparent wrapping paper (optional)

I’d recommend only using up to 3 different types of flowers and greenery if you’re a simple bride like me.

After our ceremony at city hall, we stopped by a cafe across the street for coffee

However, if you’re going for a bold, tropical look, you could probably mix up to 5 types of flowers and colors together without a problem.    

Arranging your wedding bouquet of artificial flowers

If you purchased a bouquet of artificial flowers, I recommend separating your blooms and trimming off any unnecessary leaves. Use wire cutters or scissors to cut them at the base of the stem so you can maximize the length.

After separating your flowers, follow these steps to arrange them into a beautiful bouquet that looks fresh from the farmer’s market. 

  • Start by assembling the middle of the bouquet using 2-3 flowers. 
  • Then, fill in the gaps with green foliage or smaller flowers. 
  • After that, you can begin rotating the bouquet and placing other flowers around the perimeter until you’re satisfied with the size and look of the arrangement. 
  • If you have transparent wrapping paper, floral tape, or brown kraft paper, use it to wrap the underside of the bouquet. 

Depending on the type of arrangement you want, you’ll want to vary things like height, color, and filler type. 

For example, a simple, assorted arrangement that looks super elegant is balanced in height and width.

Meanwhile, a more rustic farmhouse arrangement looks whimsical because its greenery often spills over to break up the florals, mimicking how it grows in the wild. 

Choose what works for you! 

The Takeaway

Although professional florists are, no doubt, masters at their craft, taking the time to create your own wedding bouquet with artificial flowers allows you to infuse a bit more magic and meaning into it. 

The $12 I spent to make my bouquet has definitely paid itself off! Today, that same bouquet has found a permanent home on my nightstand. As the seasons change and my husband and I grow, it still reminds me of that special day and our commitment to each other.  

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