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Easy DIY: How to make artificial flower arrangements

How to make artificial flower arrangements

There’s no space that wouldn’t look better with a bouquet of flowers in it! 

If you’re low on time, purchasing a beautiful flower bouquet in a vase is always a crowd-pleaser. However, if you want custom bouquets for your home, try incorporating elements of ikebana to take your decor to the next level. 

Ikebana is the practice of “making flowers alive” and involves arranging blossoms, stems, branches, and leaves into a refined sculpture. Though the art of ikebana can take years to master, it’s easy to create your own ikebana-inspired, minimalist arrangements with artificial flowers. 

Read on to learn how to make artificial flower arrangements at home, so you can get these luxury arrangements for less. 

How to pick which artificial flowers to include in your arrangement

Traditionally, ikebana focuses on appreciating the beauty of seasonal flora. If you wanted to follow that principle, you could choose to create your arrangement using artificial flowers that would typically be in season. 

I also love using artificial flowers to create minimalist arrangements because it's very beginner-friendly! 

Artificial stems are often easier to work with than fresh flower stems because they won't bruise or snap. Using artificial flowers also allows your art to be appreciated over and over again.   

A typical ikebana flower arrangement showcases 5-10 stems, so you’ll have to think hard about which of your favorite flowers you’ll use to create a breathtaking display. 

If you’re having trouble curating which flower types and greenery you want to include, just think about which stems best represent you. 

How to choose the right vase for your arrangement

After you’ve chosen your flowers, it’s time to choose your vessel. 

Choosing the right vase to display your arrangement in is really important. Because minimalism and mechanics are so crucial to ikebana, you'll want a vase that’ll add balance and beauty to your arrangement. 

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Picking a vessel with contrasting elements like shape, scale, and color can upgrade the impact of your flower arrangement. For example, if your floral arrangement sharply leans to one side, choose to display it in a sturdy, cubic vessel to promote visual balance.   

You should also feel free also to use what you already have. A ceramic bowl or clear glass vase will do the trick. 

How to assemble and keep your arrangement upright

Vessels for ikebana use a kenzan, also called a flower frog, to pierce the stems and keep the flowers in a specific position. 

In our case, a rectangular piece of floral foam will work just as well. If the look of floral foam doesn’t suit your fancy, you can always cover it with moss, hide it in the vessel, or go without it.

To assemble your artificial flower arrangement, follow these steps:

  • Start by placing a single flower into your floral foam. 
  • Take a step away to look at the entire piece and think about what shapes and lines you can place other stems in to accentuate it.
  • Choose your next stem. Consider bending the stem or placing it at a sharp angle to create different heights.
  • As you add additional stems, remember to step away every once in a while to view it from another perspective. Use negative space and asymmetry to balance your design.
  • Rearrange the stems until you’re satisfied with the placement.

Add the finishing touches 

To make your arrangement seem a little more natural, you can also fill the vessel with water. Just make sure to seal the wire at the bottom of your artificial stems with nail polish before doing so to prevent rusting. 

Alternatively, covering the base of the arrangement with store-bought moss or other natural-looking filler will give it an earthy, organic look. 

After that’s done, you’re finally ready to display your finished artificial flower arrangement.

Opt to place it in an uncluttered space so you can truly enjoy its beauty and serenity! 

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