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Get the Look: 5 Favorite Farmhouse Products for Spring

Get the Look: 5 Favorite Farmhouse Products for Spring

It’s almost spring, and the season of blooms brings with it the opportunity to fling open those windows, decorate with flower arrangements, and update your space!

The “Farmhouse Chic” trend is one of our favorites for so many reasons. It’s classic, charming, welcoming, and adds the perfect touch of comfort in any space. Combine distressed barn wood with seasonal florals for the perfect modern combo. Or, curate iron pipes and and metal accents alongside soft, natural canvas to create the ideal blend of form and function. Whether you choose to decorate like a real, working farmhouse or just take the best parts of faux farmhouse to the city, there’s traditional delight in every color, texture, and natural element that forms the aesthetic.

For the sweetest combo of everything classic comfort, here’s 5 affordable farmhouse chic items that we love for spring:

1. This Set of Farmhouse Candle and Decor Bird Cages

Price: Starting at $27.99 | Shop Now - Well Stocked

Perfectly distressed for that classic farmhouse finish, these vintage-inspired bird cage pedestals are meant to make an impact. Arrange these pedestals on any table, shelf, or countertop in your home to add height and emphasis on your favorite pieces. From sweet candles to wildflower collections, these bird cages display your treasured goods with both tiered height and style.

An adorable bird is perched at the top of each cage for a garden flair, while the stable pedestal at their base holds any displayed piece steady. Up your decor game from the bedroom to the kitchen!


2. This Rustic Wood Bead Garland with Tassels

Price: On SALE for $12.75 | Shop Now - Well Stocked

Modern enough for any bedroom or living room, but ideally classic for your farmhouse-style interior. This wood bead garland is made for display with any pieces, from books and shelving to candles and potted plants. Lay it across a display or twist it and drape the tassels over an edge for a traditional, finished look.

This garland is the perfect compliment to finish any table or shelf arrangement while maintaining your natural, farmhouse flair.


3. These Fabric Storage Baskets with Rope Handles

Price: Starting at $14.99 | Shop Now - Well Stocked

Spring cleaning means more chances to update your storage plan and containers. These fabric storage baskets are the ultimate combo of strength and style, each built to withstand stacked items but also display as nicely as your other room decor. The canvas fabric that wraps around each basket is the ideal natural texture alongside farmhouse decor, and the rope handle included on opposite sides of the basket make removing and reloading a breeze.

Improve your storage capabilities, whether in the laundry room, play room, bedroom, or living room. These baskets look great in any setting and are ready to take on your biggest projects.



4. This White Ceramic Farmhouse Pitcher

Price: On SALE for $19.49 | Shop Now - Well Stocked

As traditionally farmhouse as it comes. This style of ceramic pitcher was originally designed for pouring beverages, but is now popping up as an on-trend vase for wildflowers, grasses, and dried arrangements. Display your favorite arrangement with farmhouse charm on any shelf or table.

This farmhouse pitcher compliments any fresh arrangement with its crisp, white ceramic coat and poises perfectly on a desired shelf in any space in your home.



5. These Faux Peonies in a Bunch

Price: On SALE from $12.99 | Shop Now - Well Stocked

Fresh, plentiful, and anything but faux-looking. This faux peony bunch is a welcome addition to any room in your home, all the way from the living room to the bathroom. Display in your favorite vase (or the pitcher above!) to create a bouquet that stays fresh throughout any season. No mess, no water spills, and never dull - these peonies will become a staple in your home for years to come.

The peonies in this artificial bouquet are made from silk and strategically intertwined around faux stems to create the most realistic bunch for display. No care required - you’ll only need to decide where you most want to place them!



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