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Easy DIY: How to choose fake flowers for window boxes

Easy DIY: How to choose fake flowers for window boxes

Adding colorful, gorgeous flowers outside your home is a simple way to elevate your decor and instantly increase curb appeal. 

You might be thinking that the tradeoff of tending to window boxes at each and every window isn’t worth it. Well, what if I told you that upkeep and maintenance wouldn’t be a problem? It certainly sounds like a great deal now! 

By using artificial flowers to fill your window boxes, you'll enhance your home without committing to hours of yard work every week. Choosing the right fake flowers for window boxes can make all the difference.

Read on to discover how to choose the right fake flowers for window boxes and makeover the exterior of your home today.

Pick the right planters

The planter you put your fake flowers in is as important as the flowers themselves!

You’ll want to choose quality window boxes that will display your gorgeous florals but won’t be a hassle to install or maintain if you decide to change your flower arrangements seasonally. 

With fake flowers, you’ll want to choose an opaque window box that’s large enough to hide the blocks of floral foam that’ll go inside them. 

We love the 24" HC Companies Heavy Duty Deck Rail Box Planter, which aligns itself right on top of your existing deck, porch, or patio railing. 

24" HC Companies Heavy Duty Deck Rail Box Planter, $24.99 on Well Stocked

Opt for UV-resistant flowers

When choosing fake flowers for window boxes, look for florals that are made to be displayed outdoors. 

UV-resistant flowers can sometimes be hard to find online, but so worth the effort!

Fake flowers and other fillers with UV-resistant properties can keep your window boxes looking vibrant and fresh, even when exposed to the sun for long periods. 

Consider cascading flowers

For an extra luxurious and lush look, we recommend using cascading fake flowers for window boxes. 

Window boxes with faux cascading flowers look great outside any architectural home type, including Craftsman, Coastal, Contemporary, Mediterranean, or Victorian homes. 

To achieve this look, you can use garlands made up of vibrant green foliage to give the illusion of climbing ivy. Classic architectural builds, like Victorian or Tudor-style homes particularly, can benefit from it.  

Faux Big Leaf Rhodea Ivy Garland, $4.99 on Well Stocked

Alternatively, vibrant and bold window boxes can dress up your home to give it a more romantic or contemporary look. Eccentric floral color schemes enhance architectural builds like Spanish, Farmhouse, or condominium-style homes.  

Vivid Artificial Hanging Orchid Bunch, $14.99 on Well Stocked 

Make your fake flowers look more realistic 

Using fake flowers for window boxes is, of course, a practical choice. 

But if you just can’t be convinced that they look better than real flowers, consider these tips to help make fake flowers look as realistic as possible:

  • Pad the bottom of the planter with plastic grocery bags, so the stems of the fake flower bouquets naturally fall at different heights and lengths. 
  • Choose to purchase blooms with supporting leaves that have realistic-looking leaves with veining, shading, and texture.
  • Don’t be afraid to separate a bouquet of fake flowers into individual stems. 
  • Bend and arrange your flowers so that some hang a little lower than others. 
  • Try not to make your fake flower arrangements too colorful. Sticking to a single color or just a few colors will also help it appear more luxurious. 
  • Purchase flowers with petals that have a gradient quality to them. 
  • Use in-season flowers. For example, featuring tulips in your window boxes during the winter may be an instant giveaway. 

The Takeaway

With all these tips, we hope that you’ll consider using fake flowers for window boxes! It’ll enhance your curb appeal without the added hassle of watering, gardening, and planting.

Just remember to choose a suitable planter, get flowers made to display outdoors, and choose the arrangement that works best for your architectural home style. 

Happy crafting!

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