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4 Fun Ways to Add Light To Your Home + Patio

4 Fun Ways to Add Light To Your Home + Patio

Our homes are our oasis from stress and chaos, but this doesn't mean they need to be boring! While decor and color can create the base of your interior design scheme, the real forgotten superstar of a space is lighting.

Lamps, LEDs, string lights, and projectors are all key components of a space that breathes life and cultivates relaxation and fun for its inhabitants. Whether you're upgrading the vibes in your bedroom, creating a new outdoor hangout hub, or redecorating your living room, there's lighting options for every corner and time of day.

Light up your space for guests or add magic to your own self-care routine with these unique lighting hacks.


Add Daytime Shine and Sparkle

Self-Adhesive Stained Glass Rainbow Window Film (SALE $16.95 - Well Stocked)

Sunlight is a major source of happiness for each of our bodies - but why not add some flair and make it more colorful? Make your space sparkle and glow way before night falls!

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Hang Romantic String Lights

Hanging Moon and Stars Fairy Lights ($29.99 - Well Stocked)

String lights are a classic companion to any relaxing evening or night time hangout. These glittering bulbs can be either hung from your ceiling, outdoor posts, or even your wall for magical vibes.

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Enjoy Party LED Lights and Projectors


Galaxy Party Indoor Light Projector/Bluetooth Speaker ($39.99 - Well Stocked)

Colorful LED lights and strobe projectors are a great addition to any bedroom or living room where you'll hang out for a good time. They can perfectly reflect the vibe of the music, event, or occasion you're celebrating - even if it's just a night in!

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Light Glowing Candles

Geometric Tea Light Candle Holder Wall Art ($15.99 - Well Stocked)

Candles are a classic staple in every home's decor, but they can be spruced up and exhibited in so many new and exciting ways! Whether you arrange them among other favorite trinkets or display them prominently on your wall, a flickering candle adds class to any room or outdoor space. 

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